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6 Eleven is the product of a love for music and a strong friendship. Emoh birthed the idea after being signed to multiple labels and managers and still finding himself searching for a home to grow in. June 11th the name was born (6/11). Lythium was brought on after honing his own producing craft and finding his drive for music would never stop. Rob Brought a level of creativity syncronicity unlike the 2 have ever experienced, with his expertise from his own brand (studio 21) The three decided to embark on this adventure and never stop shooting for the imaginary ceiling.

6 Eleven is for the misfits. The ones who live and breathe their craft and wouldn't ever want to do anything else. The ones who are beyond talented but misunderstood.

"We go off of vibes, the chemistry we feel when creating with one another is unmatched"- Emoh

Established June 11, 2017

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